Life To Be Worth Living Again

Tonight in Canton, the Steelers return to action (well, for about a series, if you're talking starters) after seven agonizing months of inactivity on the playing field. They'll be taking on a Saints team they beat in a shoot-out, 38-31, last Nov. 12, in a game that seems to be recalled solely for Reggie Bush going end over end in the, uh, endzone.

What people don't recall, of course, is that Bush had a crippling fumble later on that possibly cost New Orleans the game. Some how, that didn't make his highlight reel.

Anyway, Willie Parker, who had 213 yards rushing himself in that game last year, will be sidelined with a tweaked knee in a precautionary measure.

Just lovely, as he was my first round fantasy pick.

More importantly, this will be the first time we see new coach Mike Tomlin roaming the sidelines, no doubt sporting the long sleeve black shirts he's been using all during training camp to quash bitching about the heat.


Clint said...

This blog sucks.

Free Pacman said...


Why don't you go back to your parents basement and leave everyone else alone.

Free Pacman said...

Our new mascots name is Steely McBeam. I don't think a joke is needed.