The Pa. Parley

Sorry that I've been behind on the preseason updates, you six readers of mine. Possibly I'm still hungover from the tailgating adventure at FedEx last week. Luckily, I can begin a hangover anew tonight at the Pour House when the Steelers and Eagles wage the annual preseason Pa. Parley. And, hey, it's on Football Night in America, so hopefully ol' 36, Tex Goldstein will be in the house.

Because the Steelers got roped into the Hall of Fame game, they're forced to endure five preseason games this year, which has made the team kind of hard to gauge. They lit up the Saints but have looked kind of sluggish against Green Bay and Washington. Usually the third preseason game is the best indicator of a team's performance, but does that get bumped back to the fourth when they play five? Let's hope so, as the starters didn't put on much of a show against the Redskins.

Though yet to throw a TD, Ben has looked fairly sharp thus far, going 12-17 for 174 yards with a 103 QB rating and, most importantly, no picks.

And, of course, no game with our erstwhile lesser half would be complete without a recap of those heady days of the Steagles, which the Post-Gazette kindly provides today.

A better history lesson:

Super Bowl titles:
Steelers 5
Iggles 0

Keep reaching for the stars, Philly


bonilla disciple said...

things i'm not worried about: the eagles catching the steelers in titles or tradition. things i am worried about: the article in the post-gazette quoting troy as being worried our new offense will put the defense on the field too much and make it less effective. it makes enough sense that i'm raising gavescons stock prices single handedly right now.

Black&Gold Girl said...

Ha, ha! That's the argument I always use when Eagles fans get in my face (cause I live near Philly so all of my friends are fans) when I talk smack. Then they go off on some tirade about how they are the only team to make it to 4 conference championship games...blah, blah, blah...then I remind them that the Phillies are the first franchise in sports history to reach 10,000 losses and that usually shuts them up in dismay.