Another Milestone Looming?

In a mere three games this season, the Steelers have already set a number of historic milestones, what with taking the first ever lead in the all-time series against the Browns and becoming the first franchise in the AFC with 500 wins. In this week's Tuesday Morning Quarterback column, Gregg Easterbrook points to another in the offing:

Since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger, Miami consistently has been the league's leader for most wins in all seasons combined. Season in, season out, through different coaches, owners and quarterbacks, the Dolphins consistently win. At the start of each of the past three seasons, TMQ has written an item noting that the Dolphins could go 0-16 and still end the year as the league's winningest team since the merger.

Well, no more. Miami is now just nine games ahead of the second-winningest team since 1970, the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is possible the Steelers will end the year as the NFL's best since the merger, with both Marino and the Miami franchise itself staring at someone else's taillights.

It should be fun to see how close the two teams will be nine weeks from now when Miami visit Heinz Field. If the Steelers were still undefeated (I hope, I hope) and the Dolphins were still winless (a distinct possibility), it would have worked out perfectly, except for those pesky bye weeks. They always fuck everything up.


  • In history I'd sooner forget: remember, of course, that through three starts last year, Ben has no touchdowns and seven interceptions. Quite the turnaround now to have six TDs, one INT and a rating of 102.9. Ah, the benefits of not suffering near-fatal vehicular accidents. All of a sudden the "Ben is just an exposed game manager" comments have dissipated a smidge.

  • Whisenhunt, Grimm and Sean Morey are all playing it predictably low key in the run-up to Sunday's game in the Pink Taco against their former team. Says Wiz, "I don't have any feelings. I have a tremendous amount of respect for that ballclub, that organization." You hear that, Steelers? Ken Whisenhunt is an unfeeling trick play-calling robot who wishes to learn about these things you call emotions.

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