Are You "Charlie Frye Experience" 'd?

Sad news today, as we discover the Steelers won't get to tee off on Brady Quinn just yet. That's because the Browns have announced that the eminently mediocre Charlie Frye will be getting the nod in his place.

Romeo Crennel is trying to mess with our heads, as he hasn't even designated Quinn as the back-up for Sunday's game. Which means, should the Steelers concuss Mr. Frye, we'd likely just have to deal a couple Derek Anderson interceptions. Where's the fun in that?

With Quinn's holdout for part of training camp, this was pretty predictable, though unfortunate nonetheless. All is not lost: barring a tragic crotch-grabbing episode, Quinn should be starting by the time Cleveland visits Heinz Field in Week 10. And I think that's the one we'd all really prefer he started.


Colin in DC said...

how do you watch the steelers in DC? Is there a steelers bar that always has the game? I'm new to town.

When they aren't on tv, are they on NFL network, or DirectTV? Streaming radio?

Christmas Ape said...

The Steeler bar in D.C. is the Pour House on the Hill.

Sean said...

Not one of Charlie Frye's better days!

As for Steeler bars, O'Toole's in Centreville also shows games. Good food, but not nearly as rowdy or passionate as the Pour House.

I've also heard of Fast Eddie's in Fairfax, Zig's in Alexandria and K.C's in Manassas. Of course none of these places are in DC like the Pour House.


So I know inbreeding is pretty common with the hicks of Pittburgh so I'm curious to know if the same rules apply in D.C. I wasn't sure if the toothless hillbilly Steelers fans were as prominent in the District.

By the way, enjoy Max Starx and Alan Faneca while it lasts. After this year, those two are heading for the hills. Enjoy the bottom of the AFC North with your Baltimore brethren.