Cuts Both Ways

Odd as it was to see Chukky Okobi and Verron Haynes on the final list of cuts - and thankfully not Dan Krieder - I have to admit being baffled at Chidi Iwuoma being included, like last year, among those not making the team.

With Sean Morey's departure to Arizona earlier in the offseason and now Iwuoma getting cut, the Steelers have probably lost their two best kick coverage guys in a unit that has struggled with as much the last few years. Remember, of course, that they had to bring back Iwuoma late last season because the coverage was such a liability.

One hopes that with them carrying four running backs: Willie Pizzle, Dump Davenport and now Carey Davis and Gary Russell. Hopefully, one of the latter two can be put to use in goal line situations (where Davenport's upright running style has proven ineffective, though he's great in a screen).

In addition to not have much ability in short yardage situations, Parker has developed quite the knack for coughing up the ball inside the red zone. In each of the last two regular season games last year (against Baltimore and Cincy, no less) he put in on the ground inside the five, as well as doing it again in the fourth preseason game against the Iggles. I'm starting to fear we have another early-career Tiki Barber on our hands.

While I'm on the subject, here's to hoping Allen Rossum can hold onto the fucking ball. The various experiments on punt return since Antwaan Randle El's payday here in D.C. haven't been the prettiest. Heck, it's gotten to the point where I'm happy if someone can drop back there and fair catch the damn thing. All offseason we were led to expect the much vaunted Willie Reid would show us glimpses of his college greatness, only to have him pull a few Ricardo Colcloughs of his own.

Oh, joys of joys, Kendall Simmons got a four-year extension. Memo to training staff: stock a lot more insulin. Or maybe he can get it himself once he loses his starting job like he did midway through last year.

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Lyndon said...

I can't believe I missed the fact that we cut Haynes. On the other hand, I will no longer have to hear announcers call him "Vernon". I also won't miss his unique "Three-yards-and-nothing-more" running style. If I didn't want to gain yards, I'd hand it off to Krieder.