The Ravens Best Player is Their Kicker

Some producer from a radio station in Baltimore sent this over to we sexy beasts at Kissing Suzy Kolber. Other than that it's the typically lame reimagining of an annoying hit song to fete a favorite player - unlike the completely awesome Puhlamalu - I think it gets at just how unimpressive the Ravens have been so far this season.

A winning record? Sure. But their one loss came to the Bungals, who haven't won since, and the Ravens' two wins came narrowly at home against teams they should beaten comfortably. One of those wins came against the Jets, who were without starter Chad Pennington.

Also, Jeff Reed is leading the league in scoring, both on the field at and at the bar. So suck on that, Matt Stover, you boring asshole.


Michael said...

worst football-song ever.

Neena said...

I just poked my ear drums out.