Redskins Fans: Still Insufferable

Ah, the pitfalls of being a displaced fanbase. Having to occupy the native soil of an opposing team, especially one with obnoxious fans, is an everyday reality for Steelers fans outside the 'Burgh. D.C. is certainly no different. I know because I've spent most of my life in these parts. Even some members of my family are 'Skins fans. When I was in fifth grade, y'know - the last time the Redskins went to the Super Bowl, I had to attend an assembly where they tried to force everyone to sing "Hail to the Redskins." It haunts me still.

Naturally, it could much worse - our group could be stuck in the midden heap that is Bawlmer, as is a large and intrepid contingent of Steeler Nation. Sure, Redskins fans aren't anywhere nearly as annoying as Ravens followers, but they have a douchey bluster all their own. A pretty vocal bunch in preseason and after big-ticket free agent signings, the town typically quiets down in mid-November when the team has meekly collected its sixth or seventh loss.

The indispensable Dan Steinberg of WaPo's D.C. Sports Bog met up on Sunday (before Washington's embarrassing second half implosion against the Giants) with the most grating of the R(acist)skins' faithful, the Dead Tree Crew.

A snippet:

"Well, the origin is pretty simple," said The President, who gave me his real name, which I'm withholding, in the interest of not getting him fired from his job. "There was a dead tree--not quite that dead tree (pointing to a nearby dead tree) but one similar to it. It died, we always tailgated by it, people go, 'Hey go tailgate with those guys.' 'Which guys are those?' 'The ones that hang out by the dead tree.' 'Oh, you mean the Dead Tree Crew? We're like wow, that kind of works. That was a lot to say, so we shortened it to DTC."

And thus, history was made. The DTC hails largely from Sterling and Ashburn, in case you had bets on Waldorf and/or Manassas. Oh, and what happened to the original dead tree? "So many people urinated on it, it fell down," The President explained. "So that's the dead tree that we're living with right now. It's not the original, but it's holding strong." If you're like me, you might think that the fact that the DTC is now tailgating at a different spot, by a different tree, under a different colored parking sign would have disheartened the DTC. Not so.

The trappings of the Raljon, MD faithful continue to astound. The Mayor is fond of claiming DTC "runs FedEx Field," an overbuilt stadium with poor sightlines that requires a minimum three hours to get out of unless you leave before the game is over. Believe me, it's all yours, buddy.

Back in August, we took a trip to FedEx to see the Steelers/Redskins preseason game. I saw two Redskins fans fight each other two seats away from me and not get thrown out. It's a wondrous place. I posted about it here and it seems one DTC member took exception to us being at his stadium, leaving this comment:

Well, the DTC doesnt attend preseason games. But we will be there on Septepmber 9th. Please introduce yourself as the guy that talks ahit about us on multiple blogs and we will be sure show you what "scary" is.


Yeah, somehow, as a Steelers fan, I didn't feel too much like attending the 'Skins home opener against the Dolphins. I'm sure he found someone else at whom he could hurl homophobic slurs and pretend threats.


THE MAYOR said...

Well, Shitsberg is still in the shittiest state in the country.

Thanks for the THIRD DTC reference in a Steelers blog and thanks for the additional Google search item (as if we needed anymore)

Your BLOG sucks, you got like 8 total stories, and you mention us in 3 of them.

Infact, this is my 4th comment, and you have 12 total commenst on your entire blog. Im 25% of your readership.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

The 51st state, baby! Yesss!!!

Christmas Ape said...

Hey, thanks for keeping close tabs on a Steelers blog, fake-thuggish spoiled white kid from Northern Virginia. Actually, it's only the second DTC reference I've made here. But what can I say? You guys make me laugh.

It's true. I haven't gotten around to updating this site as much as I'd like. I'm usually occupied with Kissing Suzy Kolber, which is averaging about 20,000 hits a day. This is an outlet for my homer musings.

I'm glad that I'm giving you more exposure. My fellow blogger at KSK, Unsilent Majority, is a 'Skins fan and is completely embarrassed by you DTC cheesedicks.

BTW, ending comments with "FAGGOT"? Cah-lassy.

The Mayor said...

I googled DTC douchebag and saw the THIRD DTC reference.

And im so sad that people are embarrassed by the DTC.

So now we bring up your blog traffic and affect your buddies emotions.

Im okay with that.

And newsflash, DTC been running shit for 8 years now, we sure as hell dont need your "expousure"....

But ill take it!

AND YOU ARE A FAGGOT, i aint looking to be classy ho, keep on making posts about the DTC on a Steelers blog.

I dont even have a problem with the Steelers or their fans, what I have a problem with is people running there yap after they read a few blogs THAT THEY DIDNT EVEN FUCKING WRITE!

I read blogs, ive read your stuff before, youre good.

But lets be honest, DTC aint letting you off easy.

Good luck on your blog, you fucking need it, the funny thing is the DTC message board which is based on technology from 1994 gets more tarffic than this dump.

You should do another article on Steely McBeem.

Cause the steelers mascot and the DTC is all you got.

Now get angry, grab a bag a cheetos and and write another blog about us, this time use your anger.

Sean said...

What is wrong with these people? Go on your own Washington message board and talk about all of the post-season success the team has had over the past 10 years. Reminisce about the days of Tony Banks and Bruce Smith. The incredible trade to get T.J. Duckett!

And why all the faggot language? That's classy.

Pax Arcana said...

Hey Mayor,

How you like them Giants, bitch?

Pax Arcana

Claude Balls said...

Didn't the Dead Tree Crew get the shit stomped out of them in Philadelphia one year?