Tomlin Has Trailed for 12 Seconds

Yes, out of the 10,800 seconds of football played in the Mike Tomlin era in Pittsburgh, the Steelers have been behind for 12 of them, which amounted to the time between the 49ers taking a 3-0 lead in the first quarter Sunday and Allen Rossum running the ensuing kickoff back for seven. It was a trying 12 seconds though, wasn't it?

It's been noted extensively - here as well - that Tomlin has matched Cowher's 3-0 start in 1992. Certainly it's a pointless comparison, but that won't stop me from extending it further. The Steelers have outscored their opponents 97-26, whereas the '92 Steelers were up 79-40 through three games, however that team had beaten the Oilers and the Chargers, who went on to win 10 and 11 games respectively that year. Of the Steelers opponents this year, only the Niners even have a shot at a winning record.

Some quick hits:
  • Hines is listed as doubtful with a sprained knee for Sunday's game at the Pink Taco. It would only be the fourth game that he's missed due to injury in 10 years, but the third in the last two seasons.
  • Kenny Wiz is trying to keep the Steelers on their toes by continuing to shuffle PT for Kurt Warner and Matt Leinart. Can't see how game planning would vary much either way. Neither of them are particularly mobile, but Warner was clearly the more impressive of the two against the Ravens, so I would expect him to get more snaps against a complex, blitzing defense than his younger, less Jesus obsessed counterpart.

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Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

When Warner enters late in the first quarter or early in the second, the Cardinals will go immediately to the no-huddle. Of course, that's not a problem because he will fumble the snap.