Javon Walker Probably Won't Score Another Three TDs Sunday

Javon Walker, who spent the week talking about putting the fear of God into the Steelers, is now going under the knife to fix his bum knee and will miss a significant stretch of time. But I bet the surgeon is just terrified about facing that knee.

The money quote from Shanny: "Javon's not feeling very good."

Also: "Travis isn't following the league substance abuse policy very good."

"Our defense isn't so hot on playing defense."

"Jay Cutler plays defense for the other team."

"We lose a lot."

Hobbled as well is vaunted shutdown corner Champ Bailey. He's still likely to play at this point, but with the way Santonio has emerged coupled with Hines playing for the first time since Week 3, it should be interesting to see who draws Dre Bly and who gets Bailey.

As if the tide of injuries couldn't be going in any more diametrical directions for these two teams, P-G reports Casey Hampton expects to play Sunday night. With Walker out, the Broncos will have to rely further on their chiefing, breeding running back, Travis Henry.

All in all, it's hard not to be optimistic about the Steelers chances, being powered by the blood flow machine and all. I hope Tomlin's already got the patent on that thing. Those NFL coaches could really use the money.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

My guess is Santo gets Champ and Hines gets Dr. Dre.

I hope Travis Henry brings some good herb.

Cotter said...

where the weed at?