Plaxico, Randle El Are in Very Minor Trouble With the Law

Pro Football Talk's Rumor Mill had this odd item about former Steelers receivers Plaxico Burress and Antwaan Randle El perhaps nearing some trouble for unpaid parking tickets in the 'Burgh.

WTAE news in Pittsburgh is reporting that next month, Pittsburgh police will start issuing arrest warrants for 37,000 people who have unpaid tickets for offenses ranging from running red lights to parking in handicapped zones to speeding.

One of the charges against Burress, the former Steeler who now plays for the Giants, reads, "Illegal to park on sidewalk" and the other reads, "Failure to stop at red signal."

Apparently Plaxico already paid off his "I disappear in big games" and "I bitch about my role in the offense after dropping passes" tickets. He must've had a few of those. As for El, that bloated Dan Snyder money finally comes in handy.

And, yes, yes, Max Starks is on the list, too. But a Steelers spokesman said Starks would take care of it. Therefore I'm not holding anything against him because he's still on the team. See, that's the real determinant of your worth as a human being to me.


Jarrett Carter said...

Way to go, Pittsburgh fuzz.

Get at Willie Parker for his speeding infractions, why don't ya'. His nickname isn't 'Fast' for no reason.

Cotter said...

PS - Larry Foote nabbed as well...

Anonymous said...

As long as Ben's not riding a motorcycle without a helmet, I could care less about traffic violations!