The Pour House in Pictures, Week 8

All around us in full view is an endless vista of Redskins fans getting their sulk on following a sound reaming at the hands of the Patriots. To be sure, it brings me little joy to watch the Patriots run up the score, much less beat, anyone. Hearing the Redskins fans piss and moan and write off their season after a single, albeit devastating, loss.

Steelers fans, however, were of a much more gleeful tenor. Except for that one guy screaming about Ben and the special teams. Breathe dude, we cut Colclough. He was the one who blew the assignment on that long kick return. As far as the dumb Ben picks, you're gonna have to hang in there for a while.

If you're gonna choke two people out with both arms, it's always good form if one of those arms happens to be flashing The Shocker. Gives them something to laugh about before they black out. Yes, that is a replica of the Green Monster scoreboard in the background, because we must share the bar with Red Sox fans. I don't like it any more than you do.

Hines Ward and Ben Roethlisberger were somehow momentarily transformed into ladies, then they swapped skin complexions. Halloween, man. It's nuts.

One of these guys is doing something different. Smile all you want, buddy. Soon enough, you as well will be a bespectacled, mustachioed old guy. Happens to all of us. 'Cept me. I plan on staying young and rocking this sweet fade forever.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Ricardo Colclough was the one who blew the assignment on that long kick return?

I thought he just blew.

I was amazed he made the roster out of training camp. It's about time.

Maybe he can catch on with the Bengals.

Tyler said...

Nice shots!

I haven't been to the Pour House in a while, ever since I got DirectTV, it just seems nice to watch at home where I can throw things at the TV without getting thrown out of the bar!