Reminder: D.C. Steeler Nation Road Trip

The deadline is Sunday for the $20 deposit for the D.C. Steeler Nation road trip to the Nov. 11 game at home against the Browns.

The details as provided by President Sterling Stone are as follows:

Scheduled itinerary for the weekend:

Nov. 11
5 a.m.: Meet at Pour House to leave for the 'Burgh
10 a.m.: ETA for hotel
11 a.m.: Arrive at Heinz and hunt for scalpers
1 -4 p.m.: Steelers murder Browns
5:30 p.m.: Meet at some bar for post-game revelry

Nov. 12
9 a.m.: Wake, breakfast.
10 a.m.: Hotel check out
10:30 a.m.: Shop for Steelers gear.
11:30 a.m. : Departure for D.C.
4:30 p.m.: ETA in D.C.

Car pool -- based on how many people are going we may rent a van, but we must have 8 people for this option and 3 drivers. Everyone will spit gas and rental fees.
Budget: $60-$80.

Either Holiday Inn in Monroeville or South Side, but this is based off of number again. Sterling gets a discount.
Budget: $20-$30.

Sponsored by Town Tavern and McFadden's Pittsburgh.
Budget: $20.

Every one is responsible for their own. Sterling will assist those that don't know how to scalp.
Budget $125-$175


"This is something new, my connections at a few bars up there are gonna pay off. I am working to see if anyone can get a few players to stop by after the game for a few. This will have DCSN all over it, and a good chance to make connections back home.
Budget $20-$40.

Those interested in going should e-mail Sterling at fubuy2g1@gmail.com.


Jarrett Carter said...

Will the happy caravan becoming up to Baltimore for the Ravens game later this season?

Christmas Ape said...

I hear New Year's Eve Eve in Baltimore is magical.

Tyler said...

I just found your blog, very nice!

I am headed home to the Burgh for this weekend and going to the game as well.