Broncos' Run D is Very League Worst-y

Steelers open the week as three and a half point faves at Denver, a team that despite its disappointing 2-3 start is only a half game off the lead in the AFC West. How is it that the western division in each conference is so dreadfully bad? Perhaps another coast war is in order.

On paper, it's looking favorable, with the Steelers' 2nd ranked rushing attack going against Denver's league worst run defense. A more even match-up would be the Broncos' 5th ranked offense against the Steelers' top-ranked defensive unit. Yesterday, P-G already pulled out a little premature comparison to the Steel Curtain. Let's take it easy, boyos. For the exception of Seattle, the Steelers have head in check a slate of fairly unimpressive offenses.

You could make an argument for the Browns, who have put quite a few points on the board after their Week 1 bed shitting, being another. However, at least in that game, Cleveland was hamstrung by Romeo Crennel's ingenious decision to start Charlie Frye based on a coin flip. Decisive leadership skills, that.

Last year's game against the Broncos at home was, save for possibly the Raiders game, perhaps the most mistake-riddled suckfest and even more frustrating because the Steelers were moving the ball at will against Denver's D. Ben threw three picks, Ward fumbled at the goal line and Santonio Holmes continued the fine 2006 tradition of Steelers fumbling every conceivable kickoff or punt.

2007 brought thankful change, or, rather a return to form, as Ben has only three picks all year and Allen Rossum, for the most part, has managed to hang onto the ball. And who knows? Now that every player on the roster who's ever been to a Pro Bowl is back from injury, you would assume that would bring some added benefit, right?

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Jason said...

It will be great to have everyone back. That bye week really came at a good time this year.