Yinzers Steel Themselves For Invasion of Purple-Clad Felons

The Steelers handily dispatched of one AFC North team largely composed of criminals and now must focus on another, with the Ravens coming to town next Monday night with the lead of the division on the line.

The Ravens would like to invoke the specter of last year, when they swept the Steelers by a margin of 58-7. Well, when the Ravens lost at home in the playoffs to the INDIANAPOLIS Colts, last year ended. And the Ravens have already lost as many regular season games as they did last year.

The Steelers, though they will have to suffer through another game with those damn yellow helmet throwback unis, take the field as a more confident team less prone to turning the ball over, while the Ravens are trying to make due with Kyle Boller in an offense that couldn't get into the endzone if there were a "Get Out of Jail Free" card in there.

However anemic the Ravens offense if, the Steelers need to bring more pressure on the quarterback than the last two weeks and do a better job of containing the run than they did against Kenny Watson and the Bungles. Granted, those two tasks will be much easier if Aaron Smith is among the starting lineup, but Willis McGahee is a far superior opponent, both at rushing and babymaking.

McNair is shooting to come back for this game after sitting out the previous two. He is a reputed Steeler killer, notching a 10-4 career mark against Pittsburgh. However, when he and Todd Heap are returning from three weeks of inaction, we'll see how they adapt to the different looks LeBeau is bound to give them.


Cotter said...

Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu?

Christmas Ape said...

The Ravens defense was better in the two years prior to them drafting Reed. Causation? No. But still true.

Troy wins.

Cotter said...

So then - Troy Polamalu - hair or weave?

Christmas Ape said...

After that Larry Johnson tackle last year, it's gotta be hair or the best weave ever.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

If Steve McNair is "shooting to come back," does that mean Ray Lewis is ready to "take a stab" at somebody?

Christmas Ape said...


I would say McNair would have problems getting a gun, what with his drunk driving arrest. But he's in Baltimore. A firearm is easier to get than food there.