Are the Browns a Legitimate Threat? Is That the Most Absurd Question Ever?

Not to peer ahead of tonight's game against the Cleveland Browns of Baltimore, but those upstart expansion Browns, following a comeback victory at home yesterday in overtime against the Seahawks, could hold a full game lead over the Ravens for second place in the AFC North and give the Steelers a much more meaningful Week 10 matchup than anyone could have envisioned even weeks ago.

Following the Week 1 curb stomping in Mistakebythelakeland, in which the Browns opprobriously committed four penalties on a botched punt that led to the first of four Roethlisberger touchdowns, Cleveland has been a startling 5-2, with one of those losses coming in a last second field goal on the road and two impressive come from behind victories in the last two weeks.

Over those seven games, the Browns have averaged more than 31 points a game. Now, I've only caught some snippets of any of these contests, so my familiarity with the Browns has only come in their humiliating defeats against the Steelers, when they've only managed 7 points each of the last two games, with Derek "Horse Balls" Anderson being an unexceptional 34 for 65, with 460 yards, two TDs and two picks.

Returning to the displaced Brownies, the Ravens are suffering from costly injuries on both sides of the ball, potentially being without both starting corners. Todd Heap is a gametime decision. But even if he plays, he, like McNair, is coming off weeks on inactivity and bound to show some rust. Some signs of life from the Steelers pass rush would be a fine way to welcome them back.


SteelerRon said...

Just wanted to chime in from one displaced Allentonian to another.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

"The Cleveland Browns of Baltimore" ... Ha! That's good.

Jason said...

I'm just confused by the Browns. Is it Derek Anderson? The Browns have actually had a few of these flash in the pan spurts from QBs (Kelly Holcomb, Charlie Frye, etc) so I am wondering if it will last. It just seems odd to be half way through the season and have the Browns be only one game back.

Cotter said...

Let's just say this - in the Browns 5 wins they've won out by an average of only 8 points. In the Steelers 5 wins, they've prevailed by an average margin of 20+ points. Browns still can't play defense.

peytonloveskenny said...

I think jason has a good point. There were definitely times with both Holcomb and Frye where I thought they might work out. They both eventually went back to sucking, and I'm definitely not sold on Anderson just yet.