Despite Uncharacteristic First Half, Cleveland Maintains Proud Tradition of Sucking

The Browns' vaunted offense collected more yards on kick returns than on plays from scrimmage, as the Steelers survive horrendous play from the special teams and first half red zone inefficiency to stake a bold claim that the AFC North is not up for grabs.

Ben Roethlisberger's performance in the second half further confirms what Mondesi's House put so forcefully earlier this week: that Ben has arrived as one of the league's elite quarterbacks. The Browns admirably stuffed the run as the game was on the line, and Ben made play after play, with his arm and with his legs, even noticeably wincing after scrambling for a critical first down in the red zone on the deciding scoring drive.

Pittsburgh's defense, after getting shredded by the Browns on 3rd downs all through the first half, responded well in the second half, despite never getting to Derek Anderson and not showing much of a pass rush altogether. James Harrison still managed to strip Jamal Lewis twice, with the Steelers recovering the second early in the second half, leading to the team's first touchdown.

As dispiriting as the special teams played, and it was plenty bad, the game signifies that the Steelers can win close games. In the Steelers six prior wins, they've won by an average of 22.3 points. In their two losses, it's been by an average of five points. If this game tells us anything, other than that the Steelers need desperate and immediate help on the special teams, it's that the team can overcome less than perfect performances for wins.


TheStarterWife said...

Between this and the Broncos game (ignore the fact we lost that one) it is great to see that we can comeback in the second half.

Totally dodged a bullet today.

peytonloveskenny said...

The Steelers could solve a lot of problems if they would just give Jeff Reed a bionic leg so he could kick it through the end zone on every kickoff.

Hooks Orpik said...

Mondesishouse is a joke.

My bro took a trip up to the game and called me afterwards saying that after the Steelers took the victory formation something unusual happened....The entire defense erupted on the sidelines, and James Harrison sprinted on the field and got into minor fisticuffs with a Brown.....The CBS cameras were spotty but clearly showed Silver and a Brownie in each others faces. I believe flags were thrown, but by then time had expired.

At the time an astitute observer would notice that it was kinda weird that Harrison was on the field for the offense....

But what's that you say Mr. Harrison, sir? 2 more forced fumbles today...Oh boy.

I hope Drew has his $60 dollar bounty postmarked to Pittsburgh, I honestly believe if there's one man that will take out Brady (perhaps cleanly, perhaps not), it will be Silver.

Cotter said...

Big Ben showed us today that sometimes you gotta just pack up your balls and rush 30 yards for a TD yourself. Sometimes it just comes to that...

Silverback = defensive player of the year

Jarrett Carter said...

Steelers are showing a lot this year.

That is all.