Dominance, But Not at Home

Since Marvin Lewis took over the reins of the Bungles in 2003, he's only managed a 3-7 record against the rival Steelers, but all three of those victories have come at Heinz Field, where the Steelers haven't beaten Cincinnati since 2004 and are only 1-3 against the Bungles in Marvin's tenure.

Why the two teams are playing each other better on the road is something I can't really pin down. What I know is that Cincinnati has won two of its last three and are coming off a dominating win over the Titans while the Steelers foundered against two pathetic teams and are still in search of stability at offensive line and special teams.

Though Troy and Santonio were reported to be testing their injuries in practice this week, I would imagine it would be highly unlikely either would suit up for Sunday night's game. More likely, they're testing themselves early for the likelihood of playing the following week in New England. More troubling is the uncertainty surrounding Marvel Smith's back. Max Starks performed relatively well against Jason Taylor Monday night, but had the aid of the sludge to slow his speed rushes.

Smith in action and, one would hope, an improvement of the playing surface at Heinz are necessary for FWP, who averages 119 yards and 4.8 per carry in his five starts against the Bungles and is looking for another positive showing following a few subpar weeks.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

No doubt ... Fast Willie Parker is due. Just a hunch (maybe wishful thinking, considering the turf): FWP has a huge game Sunday night prime time. I don't think the Bengals will be able to stay sober long enough to keep up.

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