How Appropriate

The Browns wasted no time in picking up the Steelers recent castoff, Ricardo Colclough.

And, really, short of them starting Brady Quinn in two weeks when they come to Pittsburgh, this couldn't have been an any more joyous occasion. Hopefully, he can be their return man, in lieu of Joshua Cribbs, who not at all hilariously guaranteed a victory over the Steelers in Week 1.

Most likely, though, it 'sone of those cases where a team signs a former player from their next opponent, to squeeze some info about their formations and gameplanning from him. After all, Romeo Crennel can use all the strategizing help he can. This is the guy who flipped a coin to decide on his starting quarterback in the preseason. Luck didn't smile on you with that one, did it, Battletoad?


Trevin said...

I can see Ricardo know in the back corner of some equipment warehouse getting grilled by Crenel about the playbook or something.

It's only right that he becomes the return man for the Browns and muffs two or three punts during a key part of the game.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Coclough didn't seem to understand basic concepts of the game of football while he was here, let alone the Steelers' playbook.

Probably the best insight he might impart to Crennel and Co. will have to do with seating arrangements on the team bus.

That should help.

Cotter said...

That or how to braid Troy Polamalu's hair.