James Harrison Might Be Good

And Steve McNair may no longer be the reputed Steeler killer he once was. And the Ravens most assuredly have issues with holding onto the ball, which could probably be lumped into the rubric of general suckery.

The Steelers' defense, in a testament to what can happen when one attempts a pass rush, held the Bawlmer offense to a franchise low 104 yards. They collected six sacks and four turnovers, despite the incalculable genius of Brian Billick. Man, does that guy know how to gameplan.

Silverback had three and a half sacks, a pick, three forced fumbles, a fumble recovery and five quarterback hurries. By the third quarter, he had also invented a teleportation device, universal health care and a car that runs on Ravens fans' tears. Quite a showing, if you ask me.

To mark Harrison's coming out game, I direct fans to Believe's very awesome Silverback shirt. They're even on sale. Buy one before he gets upset.

The offense was opportunistic, if fairly one-dimensional. Five of Ben's 13 completions were touchdowns, two each going to Santonio Holmes and Nate Washington. With 20 TDs on the year, Roethlisberger has passed his career high in half a season. But, yeah, he's totally a game manager, right?

It looked as though I might have jinxed Ben good when T-Sizzle threw him to the turf in the third quarter in what seemed to result in a certain hip pointer injury. Happy to see that he recovered enough to be able to come back into the game. But should he have returned to the game? Hell and no. Up 31 points in the second half, there's really nothing to gain by having Ben take another sack after what appeared to be a serious injury. Many speculated, and I agree, that that was probably Ben's decision, but it was one Tomlin certainly should have overruled.

The O-line didn't quite match the defense's mammoth effort, as the running game never really got anything going and many of the plays Ben made were again the result of him breaking tackles and improvising while out of the pocket.

The most dismaying aspect to me was that such a great performance once again came in those horrid 75th anniversary unis. The ugly yellow helmets improve to 2-0. In fact, the Steelers have outscored opponents 64-10 in the two games in the dreadful throwbacks. We might have to pack the damn things for the trip to Foxborough.

Next week's game against the Browns will go a long way to determining the fate of the AFC North. The Ravens, now 4-4, soon enter quite the gauntlet, having to host the Chargers, Patriots and Colts in consecutive weeks. Given the way they played tonight, this could easily be a 7-9 team.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

That teleportation device that Silverback invented is pretty cool.

The throwback unis ... ugh ... can you imagine what the road version would look like?

Anonymous said...

Sure I might be in the minority here, but I love those throwback unis.

Anyone else remember when the Pens had that great run when they decided the third jersey was lucky and they started to wearing them every game? Can we just make the throwbacks a lucky third jersey?

Cotter said...

Didn't Silverback also cure cancer last night? Not sure but I thought I heard something like that right after the game...

Hooks Orpik said...

Hop on in my bandwagon, everyone!

Looks like I won't be the only person I've seen wearing a #92 jersey for long

Gigs said...

Will James Harrison be KSK's Meast of the week?? And what is up with the DC Steeler Nation's trip to Heinz Field this weekend?

Christmas Ape said...


He should have been Meast, but Drew wrote the post, and to the writer go the homerism blinded decisions.

Heinz Field trip is on for this weekend. Being poor, I'm unable to go, but hopefully those that are will take pictures and such.