Kendall Simmons, Please Read

In Ben Roethlisberger's three years in the league, he's only 2-2 against the Ravens as a starter, and Bawlmer has compiled a nice track record at dinging him up, especially in Heinz Field.

2004: In the second game against the Ravens, Terrell Suggs (or T-Sizzle, if you're a fan of retarded nicknames) took a cheap, late hit to Ben's ribs. Roethlisberger didn't miss significant time, but he was clearly hobbled for the next few weeks.

2005: Roethlisberger hurts his knee in the first game against the Ravens in Pittsburgh, causing him to miss three weeks and return rusty for critical games against the Bengals and Colts. Tommy Maddox starts the rematch in Baltimore and practically single-handedly loses the game.

2006: In the first game in M&T Bank, Willie Parker decides it's in his best interests not to block Bart Scott coming off the end. Scott proceeds to knock Ben to a small fishing village somewhere in Mexico. Having already weathered a motorcycle accident, an appendectomy and multiple concussions last year, he returned to the game soon thereafter. Ben must have slept with one of Cowher's daughters last year. Why else you'd subject your quarterback to that kind of punishment, I know not.

This has been a season where Ben, despite a few frustrating interceptions (endzone against Arizona, ending possible game-clinching drive last week in 3rd quarter), has played exceedingly well while having to run for his life.

It's a credit that's he's made so much out of so many plays where lesser or more Bledsoe-like QBs would have gone straight down. The pass he completed to Santonio Holmes for a first down while being dragged to the turf was nothing short of spectacular. It's also asking for trouble in a lot of cases, especially against a team as fond of the cheap shot as is Baltimore.

The O-line has been spotty at best thus far this season, but this isn't a game they can afford to take off, less so for their ability than their willingness to injure opposing players.


Jarrett Carter said...

Hey, but you guys appear to be playing better than the Ravens this season, so what's there to worry about?

Oh, that's right. The fact that they hate you. Ouch.

Cotter said...

The feeling is mutual dude.

Steve H said...

I hate columns like this. They always leave me with a foreboding feeling. I'll feel all right so long as they thoroughly frisk Jesus' Ray before the game. I'm not sure how he'd prison smuggle a blade...

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Maybe this is why Arians is so adamant that the Steelers WILL run the ball.

Seriously, the pass protection has been shaky, at best. Starting with the Arizona game, it seems after each game opposing players are saying they could have had four or five more sacks than they did ... which would put the total for each game at about nine sacks, which is what the Ravens amassed in last year's game in Baltimore.

TheStarterWife said...

"The O-line has been spotty at best thus far this season..."

You make it sound like we have an O-line to begin with.