Peezy Something Something Something BEEE-YAAAA

Joey Porter has been oddly quiet in anticipation of his return to Pittsburgh tonight. Granted, he didn't leave the team on terribly acrimonious terms and was even fairly accepting of the economic realities that led to his departure. I figured there'd be nothing close to his verbal sparring with Sgt. Kellen Winslow, but there'd at least be some good natured jawing toward his old mates.

And I'll remember Joey fondly, between bouts of chuckling at Ricky Williams, when he's shown in a Dolphins uniform at Heinz, unless he lays a finger on Ben, then I'll curse him for being the traitorous dog that he is.

Of paramount importance is that the offensive line, special teams show marked improvement. It might be against lesser competition and they may not get any media plaudits for doing so, but some foundation for a stretch run has to be laid in this game. If struggles at these two positions are something the team is just willing to live with or try to play around, at best the Steelers can hope for is a first round playoff victory and at worst the wheels coming off down the stretch.

With the Browns winning yesterday and their remaining schedule looking like a veritable cakewalk, it's imperative for the Steelers to maintain the one-game cushion, even with the tiebreaker in place. Granted, fans have to be reassured after the Iggles near upset of the Pats in Foxborough that the Steelers chances are at least extant going in, but with the Jaguars coming in the week after, the Rams showing signs of life and an always bitter Ravens showdown in Bawlmer, holding off the Browns may prove to be a tough task.

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Cotter said...

Plus - win or lose, Ricky Williams will get everyone high. Meet at Gate 420 at approximately 11:30 PM...