Steelers Not Invited to 2007 Brady Quinn Hand Party

The way the schedule was laid out, it seemed like there would be no way that Brady Quinn could avoid having to play the Steelers. If the Browns opted to throw him to the slaughter and let him start from Week 1, there'd be the Steelers to welcome him and usher him out of the league in one fell swoop. If they let him learn the offense for a few weeks, while another marginal QB gets killed, the Steelers would still get him for the home game in Week 10.

But, nnnnooooo. You had to go and fuck everything up by playing occasionally well, didn't you, Derek Anderson? Depriving the Steelers of their chance of ass-reaming Brady Quinn hurts both the Steelers and Quinn, who would have most certainly enjoyed it. For that, Horse Balls, you will pay the ultimate price. A Silverback suplex or six should learn ya.

Despite riding the pine and possibly getting traded if Derek Anderson continues to impress, Quinn's Browns jersey is still 10th on the list of top-sellers. You hear that, NFL, the gays have spoken. Somebody in the league office needs to get Brady in Baltimore or Minnesota. That purple Quinn uni will be a stroke of marketing brilliance and a way to keep him looking FABU.


Brady Quinn's A Polepuffer(not that it's bad...) said...


Tyhat is absolutely the most latently-homosexual psuedo-jokish frat-boy photo i've ever seen.

As someone who had the unfortunate experience of the latent homosexual tendencies of college fraternities, i've seen my share of gay men in denial. But this is unreal. If i had gay-dar(and i might. eek) i'd say Brady was.


I, for one, would under no circumstances either touch another man's cock-n-balls nor pretend so nearly to.

PS- didn't he go to a "Catholic" school??

Steve H said...

I think he was hoping to be an alter boy...