Well, Brett Keisel Got His First Sack

Other than that, not a whole lot of encouragement to be had from Sunday's bed-shitting in the Meadowlands. Out of the entire team, who can we say actually had a decent showing? Jeff Reed and possibly Santonio Holmes, whose status following a sprained ankle in the fourth quarter is as yet uncertain for next Monday against Miami.

Then there were any number of uncharacteristic miscues: A stout run defense couldn't tackle. Troy Polamalu being out of position on a number of passing plays, most notably a catch by Chris Baker in the redzone that almost won the game for the Jets in regulation. Hines Ward displaying some stone hands and putting balls on the ground.

It's becoming evident that the Steelers are a far better second half team, which isn't necessarily a terrible thing, but there seem to be obvious flaws with how the gameplan is implemented for the first half. In consecutive weeks, they've gone into halftime trailing. Only against Arizona have the Steelers lost a game in which they led going into the half, and that particular lead was an unspectacular four points. The Steelers have lost two of the three games in which they've trailed at the intermission, though in each case they've rallied to tie the game or recapture the lead at some point in each contest.

Against the better teams in the league, the Steelers can't afford to sit back on their heels coming out of the gate with the hope of only reducing the bleeding until the team can make adjustments. It's almost clear within a few drives what type of performance that you're going to see from the Steelers during any given game. Granted that Mike Tomlin is showing the ability to make good in-game changes, but some concern has to be directed as his pregame planning.

UPDATE: Polamalu and Holmes are listed as doubtful for MNF against the 'Phins. Fanfuckingtastic. I'd be tempted to say that at least we're playing Miami, but after Sunday, I'm taking nothing for granted.


quiet strength said...

"I'd be tempted to say that at least we're playing Miami, but after Sunday, I'm taking nothing for granted."

How about this:
Well at least we're playing Cleo Lemon, Jesse Chatman, and Cam Cameron.

Any better?

Christmas Ape said...

Not even Cleo Lemon. Beck is the starter.

quiet strength said...

Geez, I forgot about that. So they're on their third string quarterback, backup tailback, their #1 receiver's gone, o-line still sucks, and Cam Cameron is the conductor. I'm not taking anything for granted either, but I mean Jesus Christ...

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

AND Ricky Williams might suit up ... or a least fire up nice big spleef.