Why Isn't Tomlin Given His Due?

Given the benefit of low expectations, a majority of the football punditry seems content to place Romeo Crennel above Mike Tomlin for consideration for coach of the year. They cite that he's been able to overcome instability at the quarterback position - which, of course, he created by stalling to make a decision in the preseason, ultimately picking the wrong QB by virtue of a coin flip - and a culture of losing, which he's had now three seasons to turn around. He's still 15-25 as a head coach.

Derek Anderson's emergence does a great deal to compensate for many of Crennel's other shortcomings. Like fellow vaunted coordinator turned mediocre AFC North coach Marvin Lewis, Crennel was known for his defensive acumen as the coordinator in New England, yet Cleveland's D ranks dead last in the NFL in terms of yardage allowed.

Tomlin, though taking over a more talented team, was filling a position held for 15 years by his predecessor, coming off a season in which the team looked lost and dealing with the outsize expectations that greet any Steelers coach. Crennel has the Browns dealing with the pleasant surprise of a possible playoff run. Tomlin has the Steelers in the conversation of Super Bowl contenders.

Crennel does look like a Battletoad, so I suppose he deserves some additional adversity points for that.

His Browns, meanwhile, will have to achieve something approaching parity to have a chance in Heinz Field, where the Steelers have won all four games of their games there this season by a combined score of 122-26. The Steelers open the week as nine and a half point favorites and have a good chance of having the boost of having Aaron Smith return to the lineup.

Note: The kick-off of the Steelers game Dec. 9 against the Patriots has been moved to 4:15 p.m., no doubt to ensure a larger TV audience witnesses James Harrison snapping Brady's legs. He'll make a pretty corpse, I think.


Hooks Orpik said...

I guess whenever Cleveland (or Cincy for that matter) isn't a total sadsack, the national media feels like there's no choice but to trump up their coach for doing something right.

Oh how I'd love to see Silver get Brady like he got Ed Reed....The aftermath would be Gisele's tears forming the Amazon River.

tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

Hmmm...Battletoad vs. Omar Epps. Interesting war.

Here's quoting a Browns blogger

The Browns lost their season-opener at home to the Steelers, 34-7 as the offense managed just 221 yards. The Browns offense has taken off since Derek Anderson took over at quarterback as they’ve averaged over 31 points a game. The Steelers also collected six sacks, but Browns offensive line has allowed just one sack per game since the Pittsburgh loss. Crenenel believes that this meeting with the Steelers will help his staff get a better evaluation of where the Browns are in their development.

James Harrison is scoffing at that reported sack ratio.