Foolhardy Steelers Fans to Visit Bombed Out Urban Wasteland

That's right, it's time again for the annual D.C. Steeler Nation trek up 295 to that fetid, ultraviolent sinkhole on the Chesapeake known to us as Baltimore. We're taking our lives into our hands, braving purple camo and the dregs of humanity to hopefully see the Steelers clinch the AFC North and a 3 seed.

It's essentially the same deal as with the preseason game with the Redskins, except you're on your own for wearing bulletproof vests. The reservations for the bus are full but about half the payments are still due to Neena by this Sunday.

Further details:

- The bus cost is $35 per person. For $35, you will have a ride to and from M&T Bank Stadium. There will be beer and limited food on the bus, and you are welcome to bring whatever you'd like (within reason, of course).

- The bus will leave from the Pour House at 11 AM on Sunday, 12/30. The game is scheduled for 1 PM, but might be moved to 4 PM (we won't know that until the week prior).

- Some people have their own seats to the game, some are planning to scalp when we arrive, and a (growing) group of DCSN folks will go to a bar in Baltimore to watch the game. If you are planning to be a part of the bar group, please shoot me a quick e-mail so we have a sense of how many to accommodate.

- Payment for the bus MUST be received by Sunday, December 16th. About half of you have paid me - thank you! I will be at the Pour House to watch the Steelers/Jags game. Feel free to bring me your payment on Sunday. You may also pay via PayPal ( neenapkumar@gmail.com is the e-mail linked to the account), or with a check (if your check bounces, I will have Sterling hunt you down and give you a beating.)

I hope you're all as excited as I am for this trip!
DCSN Vice President


yinzer4life said...

Since you weren't technically raised in the armpit of America, do you still feel attraction to any of your relatives?

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neena said...

Thanks for the plug!