Hey Pundits, Wanna Quit Jinxing the Steelers?

Seriously, after months of hearing how the Steelers couldn't hang with New England, it's suddenly the hip pick of the week to call for the upset.

Among those picking Pittsburgh:

Bill Simmons. Really? He's annoyed me lately with, among other things, his railing at announcers referring to Ben Roethlisberger as simply "Ben." Because nobody had fawning nicknames for Tom Brady. And I'm sure it has nothing to do with Roethlisberger having four syllables, which might slow down some commentary to have to say on each reference.

The world's biggest homer is suddenly backing down on his claims of only a month ago that it's worth jeopardizing players health if it means the Patriots have a shot at a perfect season.

Steelers (+10.5) over PATRIOTS

Adam from Indy writes, "Congrats! You and the rest of New England are rooting for the '04 and '05 Colts: record-breaking offense, iffy defense and no running game. The Colts, on the other hand, have had some tough losses, a great running game, a physical defense and they're completely out of the spotlight. Sound familiar?"

(Um ... yes ... yes, it does ...)

Peter King. Ah, ol' PK. Certainly the most nauseating of the picks. 4. Hines Ward's will to win. The dude leads the league in it. So, Romo leads the league in smiles and Hines leads the league in the will to win. I wonder what other unquantifiable categories King is tallying up in his head?

King Kaufman. Here's a writer I normally like and one who I don't feel like gets enough credit for his thoughtful commentary. Now he had to go and make me extra anxious about Sunday's game. Continue toiling in obscurity, King.

Dave Fleming. He writes a Page 2 feature offering 33 reasons why the Steelers will beat the Patriots. Number six is that they used to have Dermontti Dawson at center, which is only slightly less retarded than saying they're going to win because they currently have Sean Mahan at center.

Matt Ufford. Yes, my fellow blogmate at KSK is trying to jokingly jinx my beloved and his detested Steelers. Where's the esprit de corps, jarhead?

Tom Jackson. This one I don't have a huge problem with, as he seems like the smartest member of ESPN's pregame show, not that that's saying anything. And, look, he was the only one to call the Bears-Redskins game correctly. I feel much better.


peytonloveskenny said...

One of Fleming's other reasons was that he once met Kevin Greene, and another was that they like to play "Hot for Teacher" at Heinz Field. What the fuck is this guy smoking?

Snerdly said...

What a second half smackdown!

I have to say, when the teams went into the break, I thought that this was gonna be another nailbiter (I still thought my Pats would persevere).

But DAMN! The Steelers stunk up the joint in the final 30 mins!