The Pour House in Pictures, Week 13

The night games are tough to gauge for turnout at the Pour House. The Monday night game on Nov. 5 against the Ravens was fairly teeming, but attendance was pretty sparse for Sunday night's game against the Bungles. Certainly emotions are running higher for the Ravens, coupled with Sunday night having the added disadvantage of coming at the end of a day of football watching, which depending on how hard you're drinking during the early games, is not the best time to head out to another drinking locale.

Even with Sunday's late game against New England bound to be televised, I'd imagine people will be hard pressed to get seats, no less a solid purchase on standing room.

If my night included a little of this action:

Then I'd probably be going around bragging about this using flourishing gestures such as this. I'm just not very humble, you see.

Hey, here's a nice little positive photo. Loogit, the Pour House supports the troops!

It also drunkenly gives them orders: "Hey, here's your next mission: BBBRUUUUURRRAAAAABBBBBBB"

To gear up for Sunday, there's been a drinking challenge done thrown down between the D.C. chapters of Steelers and Patriots fans. It's 3-7 p.m. this Saturday at McFadden's in Foggy Bottom. Here are the details from D.C. Steeler Nation president Sterling Stone:

$10 for a wrist band. That band will get you all the draft beer you want (Yeungling, Miller, and Bud). Also, with said band, you will get $2 cocktails for the duration of our event. I don't think you can beat a $10 open beer bar!

The stipulation: you MUST take care of the bartender. I know this is common sense, but having been a bartender who worked many an open bar event, let me tell you... tipping seems to slip a lot of minds when the beer is free. So please, when you get a beer, throw them a buck or two. Knowing the staff like I do, the nicer you are, the nicer THEY are. Not to mention, I do work there, so they are hooking us up!

As it stands, depending on the crowd, we will have flip cup. We may also have a little NFL trivia.
It's on like Donkey Kong.


tecmo_bowl_bo_jackson said...

This is me booking a flght to DC...

Anonymous said...

Thems jagoffs from up'ere are gonna lose n@.

~Kevin said...

I think I know that soldier... does his first name start with a G?