Why Thank You, Bungles

Well, that was unexpected, but should it really have been? This is Cleveland, after all.

I hope this satisfies all those tardly folks who thought Derek Anderson got robbed by not getting the Pro Bowl nod in favor of Ben Roethlisberger. A three four interception game against Cincy with the playoffs on the line? Not awfully measty, methinks.

On a down note, this Ravens game the D.C. club is going to now looks to be a meaningless showdown between Charlie Batch and Troy Smith. Whatevs. I'll take it.


peytonloveskenny said...

Don't they still have a chance at the third seed?

Christmas Ape said...

I suppose, but what's the real difference between the 3rd and 4th seed? Perhaps getting Tennessee (which is I consider a bad matchup for the Steelers) or Cleveland instead of Jacksonville?

As bizarre as it sounds, I'd rather them stay at the 4th seed and draw New England (assuming they win the WC game) than an Indianapolis team that's just getting healthy in mid-January.

tecmo said...

Tennessee is a horrible matchup. Pittsburgh always had problems with Vick, a run-first QB with no playmaking receivers. Oddly enough, I completely agree with falling into NE's side of the playoffs. I know we've won in Indy in January before, but I like our chances against a team we've already played this season, albeit a near-perfect one.

Hooks Orpik said...

Jacksonville does what Pittsburgh traditionally does (play physical, run the ball, shutdown your run) better than Pittsburgh this year..

Personally I don't feel that Tennessee is that good of a team. I think they get a little overlooked and that's why maybe they win some games they shouldn't.

Perhaps it's just the still fresh visions of Fred Taylor slicing the defense up in my head, but I'd rather see the Steelers not play that team again this year.

That said, I'm with ape on the matchups; for some reason yesterday I pondered that a potential 2nd round game in NE would make a seemingly better matchup than going indoors to face a healthy Indy team.

But obviously beating either of those teams in their building this time of year is a tall task.

Christmas Ape said...

The Titans are pretty similar to the Jags. They do turn the ball over more, but, as Tecmo said, mobile QBs give the Steelers defense fits. The Titans were 6-2 before Albert Haynesworth went down with a hammy injury. Now that he's back, they look pretty scary.