Welcome, Displaced Steelers Fans

Welcome to D.C. Steeler Nation, the blog serving one of the largest contingents of Pittsburgh Steelers fans found anywhere outside the 'Burgh itself. Pictured above is the Pour House, the bar on Capitol Hill where we convene to cheer ourselves hoarse, booze ourselves senseless and plot ungodly acts against Patriots fans.

Followers of the blogosphere may know me from my musings and dick jokes over at Kissing Suzy Kolber. Here, as there, I'm going to try to piss Steeler-related excellence, provide a healthy outlet for my homerism, and detail the exploits of my fellow 'illers fans.

Full disclosure: Unlike many of the people in D.C. Steeler Nation, I'm not originally from Pittsburgh. I've never lived there at any point. I was born in Allentown, on the other side of the state and only lived there until I was two. However, my mom worked for Bethlehem Steel at the time and, later, some babysitter I had my first crush on liked the team, so it somehow made sense.

Still, I grew up in Silver Spring, right outside D.C. In all likelihood, I should root for the Redskins, but who in their right mind allows themselves to do that?