The Pa. Parley

Sorry that I've been behind on the preseason updates, you six readers of mine. Possibly I'm still hungover from the tailgating adventure at FedEx last week. Luckily, I can begin a hangover anew tonight at the Pour House when the Steelers and Eagles wage the annual preseason Pa. Parley. And, hey, it's on Football Night in America, so hopefully ol' 36, Tex Goldstein will be in the house.

Because the Steelers got roped into the Hall of Fame game, they're forced to endure five preseason games this year, which has made the team kind of hard to gauge. They lit up the Saints but have looked kind of sluggish against Green Bay and Washington. Usually the third preseason game is the best indicator of a team's performance, but does that get bumped back to the fourth when they play five? Let's hope so, as the starters didn't put on much of a show against the Redskins.

Though yet to throw a TD, Ben has looked fairly sharp thus far, going 12-17 for 174 yards with a 103 QB rating and, most importantly, no picks.

And, of course, no game with our erstwhile lesser half would be complete without a recap of those heady days of the Steagles, which the Post-Gazette kindly provides today.

A better history lesson:

Super Bowl titles:
Steelers 5
Iggles 0

Keep reaching for the stars, Philly


Evil, Thy Name is Steely McBeam

The Steelers are supposed to be a proud, simple team, unadorned by pageantry, save a couple polka fight songs. However, in a little bit of 75th anniversary whimsy, the team decided to unveil a mascot in the form of a gruff, beetle-browed and apparently jaundiced steelworker. And that was a forgivable annoyance.

But then the front office thought, "Hey! We should probably give him a name." They solicited fan input and received 70,000 submissions. The chosen appellation?

Steely McBeam.

Clearly, I am not pleased. Remember how some people wanted to track down the woman whose car Big Ben impaled himself upon? That was wrong. But if you wish to do the same to Diane Roles, the woman responsible for this sickening nom de mascot, well, can't really fault you on that one.

Why are these people not throwing Molotov cocktails?


Life To Be Worth Living Again

Tonight in Canton, the Steelers return to action (well, for about a series, if you're talking starters) after seven agonizing months of inactivity on the playing field. They'll be taking on a Saints team they beat in a shoot-out, 38-31, last Nov. 12, in a game that seems to be recalled solely for Reggie Bush going end over end in the, uh, endzone.

What people don't recall, of course, is that Bush had a crippling fumble later on that possibly cost New Orleans the game. Some how, that didn't make his highlight reel.

Anyway, Willie Parker, who had 213 yards rushing himself in that game last year, will be sidelined with a tweaked knee in a precautionary measure.

Just lovely, as he was my first round fantasy pick.

More importantly, this will be the first time we see new coach Mike Tomlin roaming the sidelines, no doubt sporting the long sleeve black shirts he's been using all during training camp to quash bitching about the heat.


A Merry Little Jaunt to Raljon, Maryland.

Being in the D.C. area, we're naturally all too familiar with Redskins fans and their shame cycle of outsize preseason expectations only to be met with despair in Week 7 when it dawns on them that their season will amount to no more than a top 10 pick in the draft. This year, said expectations are a little more muted, what with the absence of the usual three to four big-ticket free agent signings.

Luckily, rare is the occasion that Steelers fans actually have to go to FedEx Field. It's a bitch to get in and out of, and even though it holds 90,000 people, it's about a third as intimidating a football atmosphere than RFK was.

DC Steeler Nation president Sterling Stone offers up a solution that will at least deal with the first problem when the Steelers come to town Aug. 18.

For the Redskins preseason game there will be an OFFICIAL DCSN tailgate and road trip.

Arrive at the Pour House for some suprises at 4 p.m.

Thanks to our friends over at the Boomerang Bus. We have a SWEET deal for one of their buses. Only $30 bucks will get you on the bus, and plenty of beer, and limited food. Feel free to bring anything you want (food or beer), But there will be beer on the bus. The best part is, you dont have to drive and we can drink on the bus.

Bus leaves the Pour House at 5pm for bus-inspired tailgate at FedEx Field.

Questions? Email Sterling at fubuy2g1@gmail.com

Please RSVP by August 12th as there are only 40 spots on the bus. Payment is the day of the game.
Not too shabby. Hopefully we don't run afoul of the Dead Tree Crew in the lots. Those guys are scary.