A Guy Can Dream, Right?

Sure, doesn't look like the Steelers have much in the way of momentum going into the postseason, but they've been in worse situations (2005) and persevered. You know, all the team needs is some tenacious play by the offensive line and the run defense, two things that have been wholly absent the last month.

And now Trai Essex is expected to start at left tackle Saturday. Fuck me sideways.


TheStarterWife said...

If the defense can figure out how to tackle before Saturday, I think - I know - we have a great shot at winning.

If they keep playing like their arms are made out of solid Crisco, the Steelers are fucked.

tecmo said...

Solid Crisco? That's a compliment. I was thinking more along the lines of pure liquid.

And congrats on 100 DCSN posts, Ape.

Hooks Orpik said...

Essex on the left, Mahan in the middle, Colon at right?

I hope they plan a lot of quick dropbacks. Could be a big day for Hines Ward on a lot of slants and screens.

(Hey I'm trying to stay positive)