Mike Tomlin Doesn't Listen

Weeee! Another year of Arians! Let's run QB bootlegs on every play. Maybe try a few with St. Pierre. How about a fade route to St. Pierre thrown by Cedrick Wilson on the goal line? Let him run the special teams as well. Why the hell not?

Kill me now.


TheStarterBoyfriend said...

Anyone starting to have doubts about the ability for a young, relatively inexperienced coach to lead his team beyond offensive mediocrity? Yeah, me too.

Tomlin's inability to see beyond the statistics of this season is dumbfounding. The play-calling in the final five games of the season (including our sole playoff debacle) exposed the anemic offense for having potentially gotten a bit lucky in a fortunate early schedule.

There is talent on this team, but it certainly isn't coming from the sidelines. And people shouldn't start to place blame on Ben for helping design these plays, either. Sure every now and again you can have some dumbass screen-pass that doesn't amount to much, but would Ben really put such a staunch limit on himself to throwing deep, or trusting his receivers to get the job done?

Depending on next season's schedule, Tomlin can start to assess whether or not his coordinators are competently doing the jobs their paid for. If he doesn't adjust and take a leadership role and make changes, I can nearly gurantee he'll be the first Steeler coach in nearly 40 years to be fired after two seasons.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen next season's schedule. Not the dates, just the teams.


We could be in for a real ass whippin!

Fire Arians NOW!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The only thing about offense this year that bothered me was our attempting to run the ball.

I love the running game, love FWP...but we had serious trouble running it against crappy teams. They kept trying to do it though. I would have liked to see them just say, screw it, and throw more often. Oh wait, we sucked at pass blocking too. doh.

I have a feeling that all the useless runs into the line were caused by Tomlin, not Arians. Arians' history is to throw more than run.

We need better receivers too. Holmes, Miller, and Ward are great, but the rest are forgettable.