A Search For Identity

It's no secret that the Steelers were a pass-first team this season on offense, even with one of the league's top running attacks. That's fine when your quarterback is the league's second-rated passer, though you'd like him not to get dumped on his ass five or six times a game.

With a coach who was hired in large part on his emphasis on violent, physical play, tonight is a real bellwether for the defense, which for the last month has played further off the ball, looked anemic against the run and is nowhere to be found when the opposing QB drops back.

The Jaguars are certainly one of the more physical teams in the league and there's no shame in being pounded by them, unless it's twice in one season on your home field. The Steelers know what Jacksonville is bringing as they've been victimized by it once already. If Pittsburgh wins tonight, it's almost certainly because they got back to the style of football to which we're accustomed from this team. If not, you have to think some wholesale philosophical changes make take place in their system.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. DC STEELER NATION, The Steelers will rise up and win against the jaggiiwires. I am so tired of hearing abut how the Steelers miss tackles, have too many injured players, don't have the metal to beat the physical JAX Jaguars. TONIGHT at 8:00 the STEELERS WILL BE PHYSICAL AND WOOP THAT ASS !!! WHY CAUSE THATS HOW WE ROLL !!!