At Least Jeff Reed Looked Good

Because the game on FSN was blacked out in D.C., I just got a chance to see yesterday's preseason finale, and for a game in which the starters left with the lead and the team eventually won, there weren't a ton of positive signs.

Who looked good

Jeff Reed - Not losing the accuracy even with the rampant partying. (Okay, he had a rare miss, but still - he hit four others from decent distance).

Anthony Smith - I'm as shocked as you are. But he was at least laying the wood to people, which has never really been a problem for him. But at least he looked decent in coverage as well.

Willie Parker - Had a couple nice runs, including one long scamper off the right end.

Troy Polamalu - Okay, he didn't really do shit, but he was on the field. Good enough for me.

Who didn't

Rashard Mendenhall/Limas Sweed - I mean, I know you're rookies, but you have to constantly remind us of that fact? Drops, fumbles, running backwards. Luckily the early part of the Steelers schedule is a least a little softer than the stretch run so they have some time to get their shit together.

Justin Hartwig - Granted Ben was partially to blame, but he launched a shotgun snap over Roethlisberger's head on the opening drive.

Byron Leftwich - Ye gods. Ben cannot got hurt.

Paul Ernster - Shanked a 22-yard punt in the first half and revealed that he has retarded back-arm tattoos. Mitch Berger is the new clubhouse leader.

Rush D - Starting unit looked soft in two series against the Panthers' second team offense. At least Week 1 opponent Houston is starting Ahman Green or I'd be concerned.

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Dixie Normess said...

I don't think we'll be seeing "Dennis Dixon Your Mouth" T-shirts anytime soon, either