I'd Rather Have Troy Than Orpheus Roye

Hey there, Orpheus. Welcome back. Enjoy your eight years in Cleveland? Didn't think so. Please wash yourself thoroughly before coming in contact with teammates.

I will say that after the debacle late last year after Aaron Smith went down, it's good to have a little more depth at the end position. Of course, the more encouraging sign is the return of Troy Polamalu to practice tomorrow. Word is there's a good chance he'll see some action in the game Saturday against Minny and thank the gotts for that. Troy hasn't been consistently healthy since the '06 season and hopefully pulled hammy he's dealing with isn't going to hamper him like it did a large chunk of last year.

Much was made about his off-season conditioning with Marv Marinovich rather than with the team. If he's noticeably lagging at the start of the regular season, I imagine he'll catch some heat for that. The defense is more reactive than attacking when he's out of the lineup and fuck knows we don't need Anthony Smith to be getting any more PT than he already is.

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Fred Jones said...

Good to see you back after the long break. You jumped right back to where you left off, telling it like it is while being funny. Looking forward to another season of reading your stuff.

Let's hope the preseason games so far are not what we will see from the D in the regular season, or it's going to be a very long ride this year.