Oh Thank God

Please don't suck

Been out of pocket the last few days, so I missed updates on the offense's bed-shitting in Minny and the Program-inspired Rashard Mendenhall fumble cure (maybe he should ask Willie Parker what he did in 2006 and do the exact opposite).

The wondrous all-too-expected-yet-still-somehow-drawn-out news is that Justin Hartwig was finally named the starting center, not that he or really anyone on the O-line has earned much in the way of plaudits this preseason, especially the way they got pushed around by an (albeit formidable) Vikes' defensive front.

Meanwhile, in other weak '07 fronts, the Steelers nixed Jeremy Bloom from the returner sweepstakes. We'll just have to go back to relying on Jeff Reed for shirtless pics. Color me shocked that Eddie Drummond survived the initial ax. I mean, that doesn't mean he's gonna make the team, does it? DOES IT!?


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't that caption be there for the entire offensive line?

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

The offensive line is offensive.