Ravens Fans: Still Dumb

I try to eschew as many ESPN polls as possible, but it was amusing to see what some of the more inconsequential teams around the NFL decided was their singularly iconic player. For the Saints, it's Bobby Hebert. Ouch.

But for an even bigger belly laugh, you have to look at our laughable AFC North rivals, the Ravens, who picked a kicker as the greatest player in franchise history. Sure, Stover is fine kicker, but he's still exactly that: a fucking kicker. What gets me is Jonathan Ogden, the franchise's first draft pick and perhaps one of the best left tackles in history, and he comes in with less than five percent of the vote. You could argue that offensive lineman isn't exactly a glamor position, but then kicker is?

God I hate Ravens fans.


Spatula said...

If ever a city deserved a team well, maybe Cleveland. And, come to think of it, Cincinnati.

Cotter said...

Well, I guess it's kind of difficult to pick the best player in your franchise's history when your franchise has only been around for 12 god damned years (or 13?).

/I would've definitely picked Elvis Grbac...or Kordell.