Some Encouraging Signs (On Offense At Least)

The Ben-to-Santonio deep threat looked impressive yet again, which is a nicer takeaway from last night's game than the first-team defense allowing the Bills to march for two scores on them. Granted, it's the preseason and they were missing Troy, but it's usually a good baseline for a defense to be good enough not to let Trent Edwards move the ball at will on you. That said, Harrison and Woodley generated some nice pressure from the edges, so there's some heart to take. And, little as I was buying the hype, this Timmons replacing Foote business might have something to it.

The O-line and special teams were in their usual head-shaking form. Justin Hartwig had a disconcerting near-Mahanesque performance, while Mahan had a full-on fuckup going. Even though it was littered with reserves, seeing the coverage team give up a second half scoring return to Leodis McKelvin bring back flashes of the terrors of the recent past.

In Rashard Mendenhall had a pretty middling 30 yards on 11 carries, but an encouraging scoring scamper in the red zone, something that comes to at least moderate delight to a running TD starved team. Limas Sweed, well, he at least blocked well on Dennis Dixon's big TD run. The hands, though - Ugh. Hopefully they won't be an issue going forward.

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Spatula said...

The defense seems to be taking up where they left off last year -- a disconcerting miasma of missed assignments and arm tackles. Is it coaching or a lack of cohesion (everybody wanting to be a Polomalu)? Welcome back.