Parker, Hampton Out For Monday Night. Guuuhhhh

Rashard Mendenhall is going to get to test his hands in regular season action and Chris Hoke is going to have to try to plug a massive hole in an increasingly battered defensive line, as Willie Parker and Casey Hampton have been ruled out for Monday night's suddenly pivotal game against the Ravens in Heinz.

Of course, whoever's carrying the ball is moot if the linemen decide they still don't need to block anyone. Roethlisberger had a huge game on the Monday night game against Bawlmer last year in Hines and he may need something of a repeat performance. Still, the Ravens have a knack for injuring Ben and it's a wonder he's even standing upright these days.

Two physical games with the Ravens and the Jaguars stand between the Steelers and their bye week. If they eke wins out of these two games, they'll be in good shape to forge the tough stretch run that awaits them after the break.


Spatula said...

Initial reaction, to quote Bender, "we're boned."

Dixie Normess said...