Shut The Hell Up

How much can change in a week, huh? Prior to Sept. 7, all you heard was Patriots and Colts this and Chargers and Jaguars that. The Steelers put on one great showing and on our nuts do you alight. The Steelers did look great in their win over the Texans, but it was fucking Week 1. Lots of football left to go, fellas. And we'd like to have it without the Steelers being the darlings of the fuckwit pundits.

UPDATE: Let's throw jilted Pats homer Bill Simmons in with his ESPN compadres:

Q: Outside of the fans of every other AFC East team, the happiest person in the world today might be Bridget Moynahan. Seriously, no one thought to take away her voodoo doll after the Super Bowl?
-- J. Ponton, New York

SG: I'd throw in all the Steelers -- they're the clear AFC favorites right now.

Oh yeah. I'm pretty sure he had us a noncontending playoff team a week ago.


Cotter said...

A-fucking-men, brotha!

Dixie Normess said...

Ron Cook's crownin Big Ben:


Vern said...

Crown his big aloof ass!