Well, Hell: Keisel Out For Two Months

Didn't get to enjoy a fully healthy defensive line for long, did we? Brett Keisel, who went down midway through Sunday night's win against the Browns has been ruled out for ruled out for up to two months with a calf injury. Travis Kirschke played serviceably in his place the rest of the way against a solid Cleveland line and this isn't as serious a blow as when Aaron Smith went down last year. Still, Keisel obviously generates more upfield pressure than any of the reserves. With D-line depth a concern coming into the season, this makes the late acquisition of Orpheus Roye look even smarter, though hopefully doesn't affect too adversely what has been a pretty good showing by the front seven through the first two games. While some fans are decrying some of the pressure put on Derek Anderson, one must remember that he has one of the better lines in the league blocking for him and the Browns were using a lot max protect packages.


Spatula said...

I really hope this is not as severe a loss as Smith last year.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

All true, all true. Maybe we should activate Steely McBeam.