Golf Clap for Sean Morey

Nice to see Kenny Wiz and the fellow Steeler defectors out in Arizona get a big win over the Cowboys in OT. Former Steelers special teams ace Sean Morey, who the team had sorely missed until they got their kick coverage house in order this year, had the punt block that decided the game in the first drive in OT. Clark Haggans also contributed some pressure on the now-injured Tony Romo. So, kudos to Pittsburgh West on a fine victory.

In games more relevant to the Steelers, the Colts blasted Bawlmer 31-3, forcing unflappable Joe Flacco to toss three picks while finally discovering some semblance of rhythm to their own attack. Wasn't it just 14 days ago that the Ravens were 2-0 and holding first place in the division?

Oh yeah -shock of shocks - the Bengals lost. Still, after seeing the winless Rams pull one out against a very flat looking Redskins team, I know I was hoping the Steelers can avoid a similar fate by not looking past Cincy to the very tough road that follows.


Danto85 said...

On one hand, the Ravens lost which gave the steelers the inside track in the division. On the other was a Colts team that looked good which may add another hurdle in taking the AFC this year.

Going into this season, I thought it was going to be a bad year simple becuase of the schedule. A pathway for the steelers is opening up in the AFC, they need to take it though.

Spatula said...

I'm watching the NYG-Browns game, and I'm kinda hoping the Browns win. I don't want them to keep loosing and get a killer draft. Of course, they had a theoretically great draft last year and haven't done much with it.

wrecking_ball said...

Plenty of tickets available for Sunday, Steeler Nation:

Vern said...

Must. Take. Easy wins when available. They can't afford to blow this one.

I'm surprised as hell that Joe Flacco and his icewatery veins were flustered.

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Not only Morey block that punt, his (legal) collision with the Cowboys' Pro Bowl punter resulted in three broken bones in the leg/foot of the punter, putting him on the sidelines with Tony Romo and PacMan. BooHoo, Plowboys.