Home Game in Cincy

Out of a job in 4,3,2...

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, Sunday's 26-14 loss to the New York Jets prompted a groundswell of bargain ticket scalping in the The Queen City. Early reports are that upwards of 3,000 tickets have been posted for sale by Bengals season ticket holders for this Sunday's tilt between the Steelers and Bengals on sites such as Stubhub.

All this despite head coach Marvin Lewis pleading for "patience" on the part of the weary fan base, and the city's mayor pledging to vigilantly tailgate Sunday.

With Cincinnati only about 4 1/2 hours away from the 'Burgh by Winnegabo, I doubt he'll be the only one lighting grilles outside Paul Brown.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

The last couple of years they tried to block sales of tickets to Steelers fans. Now I guess they've just given up. It must be woeful to be a Bengals fan. Then again, nobody's forcing them to live in Cincinatti. Losers.

Spatula said...

Photo's caption (through clenched teeth): "I'm beyond screwed."