Is Woodley and Silverback the Best Steeler Pass Rush Tandem Since Greene and Lloyd? Gildon and Porter?

The two outside backers have combined for 12 sacks through five games, earning each a spot in the top four in league sack leaders. The Steelers are tied with the Eagles for the league lead with 18 sacks, half as many as the team had through all of last year.

A lot of fans had high hopes for Woodley coming into the season and it's fair to say he's met or exceeded all of those. If these two can keep it up, we're probably not only talking about Pro Bowl nods for the two of them, but surpassing the sack totals of past great Steeler linebacking duos like Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd in 1994 and Jason Gildon and Joey Porter in 2000, when each pair of 3-4 bookends combined for 24 sacks.

UPDATE - Woodley was on Jim Rome yesterday talking about the transition from defensive end to linebacker.


Spatula said...

To answer your question -- yep.

Fred Jones said...

Yes they are, and I have been gay for Harrison ever since he tossed that Browns fan to the turf a couple of years ago.

Vern said...

I'm actually afraid James Harrison is going to go on some sort of rampage this weekend since he will not be able to hit any quarterbacks.