Santonio Can Stay Home and Get High on Sunday

This is a weird infraction to approach. On one hand, possession of a small amount of weed is something I'm supposed to be mad about because it could get a player suspended. But it sure as fuck isn't something I'm morally opposed to. I wish I was carrying at the moment, to be perfectly honest. This isn't like when he was charged with beating one of his girlfriends two years ago. It's not like he was even driving while high. Across the border to the north, possession of a small amount of weed isn't even be a crime and really shouldn't be in this country either. Still, it's against the rules and you have your whole post-football life to get high and blah blah blah blah priggish football values.

What hasn't been made clear to me is why was Holmes was pulled over in the first place. Some search for drugs in a car that just happened to resemble his? That sounds like some fishy shit. The arresting officer, so eager to pronounce Santonio a nice, cooperative guy, wasn't really clear on what caused him to target Santonio in the first place.

It looks like word has come down that Tomlin announced Holmes won't even be allowed on the sidelines Sunday, which is less than encouraging. Who does that make the no. 3 receiver? Dallas Baker? Ggguuuhhhh. At least there's a chance Plaxico could be sidelined for his return to the 'Burgh, but I doubt it. He made a nice habit of sitting out practice all during the postseason last year and still played, and played well, in each game.

It hasn't necessarily been a terrible year for Santonio, though not a spectacular one either. It just happens most fans were expecting the latter, this being the year the third year wideout was going to put up the huge numbers that injuries prevented him for doing last year. But it's obvious that he isn't Roethlisberger's preferred target by any means. Even on the deep balls that are supposed to be his specialty have gone more often to Nate Washington in recent weeks. Meanwhile, the Steelers are looking at another week of Mewelde Moore and Max Starks in the starting lineup. At least last week's performance is making me feel halfway relaxed about that. Having the possibility of Aaron Smith out against Brandon Jacobs, however, is not a prospect I look forward to coming to fruition.


Spatula said...

Why does "One Toke Over the Line" keep running through my mind?

KT said...

Good point about why Holmes was stopped in the first place.

One has to wonder, however, how this might affect Holmes long term future with the team.


Its only speculation, but there's ample precedent....

Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

In response to your headline: Me too!

Anonymous said...

Typical liberal, blame the cops.

Robert Ullman said...

Typical post by "anonymous", say something douchey and don't sign your name.