Santonio Returns; Taylor and Springs Out For 'Skins

Mike Tomlin broke the suspense today by announcing that Santonio Holmes will return from his one-week weedcation to thankfully start on Monday in the epic shithole that is FedEx Field. And thank Jeebus for that, because the Giants had a ton of fun stacking the line knowing the Steelers couldn't stretch the field without Holmes.

Meanwhile, the 'Skins, already struggling to generate much of a pass rush this season, will be likely without Jason Taylor, meaning, there's a decent chance - and I don't want to get anyone worked up here - that Ben could have a iota of time to scan the field before getting savaged by an oncoming rusher. Missing yet another week is cornerback Shawn Springs, who actually attended my high school and is one of the few 'Skins players I have a modicum of sympathy for. Not true, I've met Chris Cooley and he was all right.

Stifling the run is usually a given with the Steelers defense, but going against early MVP candidate Clinton Portis this week is going to take a similarly stout effort to the one they had last week. Pittsburgh's own pass rush is another matter. Most fans had expected Eli Manning to be worth a few careless turnovers in the face of the Steelers D, but under no pressure, he provided none, though there were a few that could've been picked had defenders reacted to the ball as opposed to receivers. However, Jason Campbell has yet to throw an interception yet this season. Controlling the ground game is enough but it won't amount to much if the defense continues to exert no pressure on the passing game allowing conversion after conversion on 3rd down.

In other lineup shakeups, the Steelers welcomed new long-snapper Jared Retkofsky, who presumably will outperform James Harrison by a touch. Hopefully punter Mitch Berger has recovered from his hammy injury and his abortion. The latter problem I was unaware of, but it would explain some of the wincing.


The Mayor of FedEx Field said...

Nice write up! The way you describe things you would think the Steelers were undefeated and the Redskins were yet to win a game.

Reality is, the Washington Redskins have a better record than your Steelers!

And if I needed any more reason to hate the Steelers, your owner Rooney, endorsed Barack Hussein Obama on Monday.

Should be a good game though, here is to no injuries,and a Redskins and McCain victory next week!

Enjoy your obstructed view seats!

Christmas Ape said...

This just in: The Redskins haven't beaten the Steelers in 17 years. And your better record is by virtue of the fact that you've played more games. And one of your losses is to the fucking Rams.

The Mayor of FedEx Field said...

This just in: In that 17 years, we have only played you thrice.

And in overall head to head battles, the Redskins lead the series with 43 victories, to the Steelers 31. Don't forget about those 4 ties either!

How convenient for you to only include the last 17 years (3 games) and not the entire history.

I also believe we beat you in a scrimmaage a few years back.

Christmas Ape said...

The fact remains: 17 years, just like your last Super Bowl title.

Nice of you to neglect mentioning the loss to the then-winless Rams AT HOME.

matt said...

I think the mayor gave up his shit-talk?

clmetsfan said...

This also just in: Nearly that entire winning margin in head-to-head matchups occurred prior to 1960. Only a douchenozzle of epic proportions would look at pre-Cold War games as a source of trash talk.

chorbap said...

"I also believe we beat you in a scrimmaage a few years back."

Oxymorons are the tits!

matt said...

Chorbap - using tits in reference to anything is tits!

The Mayor of FedEx Field said...

Haha! What Rams game? I wish we got to play the Bengals and Browns twice a year!

Your okay Ape. If I see you on Monday, I won't throw a brick at your face!

Roach said...

Uhhhh, what you know about me...muthafuckin what STEELERS OWN DC!!!!!