Steelers Exact Revenge, Despite Injuries And Refs

The Steelers survived an early deficit by dint of an opening drive pick-six, found ways to move the ball with quick drops and found critical moments to stifle David Garrard to get their first win over Jacksonville since 2004. With the win and the Ravens' last-minute loss to the Titans, the Steelers push ahead to a game and a half ahead in the division and now head into a much needed bye week.

The referees had an absolutely atrocious showing in this game, ignored glaringly obvious holding calls on Jacksonville and nailing the Steelers with ticky-tack calls on Nate Washington and a late-hit call on the defense that sprung Jacksonville on their drive that let them take the lead, not say nothing of what was up with the play clock on the Steelers two-point conversion attempt following their go-ahead score.

Mewelde Moore turned in a great showing in emergency relief, getting 99 yards on 17 carries. With him out of returning duties, Najeh Davenport did his best to suck up the joint in that role. Still, with Willie Parker hopefully returning in two weeks against Cincinnati, the running games looks to be capable hands given what Moore and Gary Russell showed in this game.

The Steelers, despite gaining 300 yards in the first half, looked like they deviated from some of the quick-drop plays in the second half and reverted to the let's-have-Ben-drop-back-and-twist-around-for-seven-seconds-before-getting-sacked plays.

The D-line, missing two starters, is worthy of every plaudit holding the combo of Fred Taylor and MJD to 19 yards and, though giving a few too many 3rd and longs than I'd like to see, stopping the Jags on the brink of moving drives into scoring territory.

Considering the difficulties Pittsburgh had coming into this game, facing an opponent that's had their number of late and the clutch performance they had in the end, this instantly becomes the signature win of 2008 to date.


Paul said...

Great win! I went into this one with really low expectations, it was sweet to finally get the Jags, and especially sweet to go into the much needed bye at 4-1.

Nashville Steeler Fan said...

It bears noting, most of our superior offensive output came with Big Ben once again running the offense by himself in the No Huddle. In fact, it seemed like the only time the offense sputtered in the first half was when the Steelers came back from time outs with a set play, which would invariably fail. Obviously, offensive coordinator Bruce Arians is not only completely useless at making adjustments, but his poor play-calling and ridiculously complex schemes actually hinder the team. Unless we add another Lombardi Trophy to the mantle this season, in which case we’ll probably be able to convince some ineptly run franchise like the Detroit Lions to take him as a head coach, I can’t imagine Arians returning next year.


Joey Porter’s Pit Bulls said...

Agreed, Nashville. Let Ben call his own plays. He's comfortable in the no huddle, and he improvises better than possibly any QB in the game.

The run defense: Awesome.

Jackin'4Beats said...

So are you saying that Big Ben is actually SMART?


Justin said...

Interesting article about Cowher.