James Harrison 11, Referees 10

The Steelers, in spite of themselves, in spite of one-sided officiating, found a way to win a critical game at home against an overmatched opponent.

For the most part, it was because of the stout play of James Harrison and, for once, the relatively savvy play calling of Bruce Arians that delivered the win to the Steelers' column. Granted, the call on the opening drive 4th and 1, with the play that failed against the Colts employed again, was terrible, but the planning for safe and superb against the Chargers. It allowed the offense to have safe progress against an allowing San Diego defense.

Having the burst of Willie Parker back was a huge plus. For weeks, I had thought that Mewelde Moore could supplant Willie with no discernable change, but Parker proved without a doubt that he is by far the no. 1 running back without a shadow of a doubt.

It would be nice if the Steelers used the tight end as much with Heath Miller in the game as much as they did with Spaeth as the easy dump off target. Nonetheless, the defense made the plays that it needed to while the offense ate up clock. William Gay was exemplary for the defense while making tackles close on the defense.

While the offense needs better execution in the red zone, the defense can keep anyone in the game. Hines is coming up better as a go-to receiver in the offense and Santonio isn't making as many fuckwited plays as he has in previous weeks. If the teams can convert as many opportunies as it has in recent weeks in the future, the Steelers will be a force to reconed with.

Also, let's thanks the Gianta for laying the wood the the bullshit Ravens. Baltimore is now 1-3 against teams with a winning record. What chance is there fort this team to catch us? Not much of one.


Cornbread said...

Yeah Ape, my head almost exploded on that 4th and goal.

Hard to complain about officiating without sounding like a Shithawk fan, but damn. Every drive was stalled or prolonged due to some bullshit call.

Just when I got my TD shot of Jameson at the end, the refs call back Troy's fumble recovery. Well fuck you refs I'm not puking it up.

Great job Steelers.

Spatula said...

I've said this over at KSK, but I sincerely believe the dubious officiating is payback for the Steelers complaining about the NFL fines.