Welcome Back, Tattooed Punter

The Steelers were unfortunately forced to release Mitch Berger because NFL teams can't carry an injured punter who can only kick the ball 30 yards. A sad reality of the game, really. So instead we're back with preseason castoff Paul Ernster, he of the annoying back-of-the-arm tattoos. I can't read goode the Olde English, but methinks it says "shank".


Also, thanks to Rob Ullman for the improved banner.


Spatula said...

Isn't "Ernster" Lower Slabovian for "Holy shit here they come! WhatdoIdo? WhatdoIdo?" But I could be wrong.

tiny350Z said...

Kudos to the new banner. As long as his hammies are in-tact and punts aren't shanked, I'll deal with the tattoos. Once the cold weather comes, he may hide those awful tattoos behind some sleeves.