Yinzer Visionary

So I says to him, I says, "You would never see Clementy's Porto Reekin ass getting sacked and throwin into double fuckin coverage. N'ats when it hit me: Greatest Idea Ever. Somebody should take da greatest fielder ever to roam the hallowed grounds of Forbes and Three Rivers and put his name on a Stiller Jersey. I'm wearin this shit ALL YEAR - can't wait to see everyone at Saturday Mass' reaction: EPIC. Fuckin'A. Next, I'm thinkin a takin my ol' Faneca 66 and puttin Lemieux onna back..."


matt said...

I'm thinkin a gowin dahn the sahside and gittin one myself.

Spatula said...

I want to dislike this guy's shirt, but I was 11 when Clemente died, and I still remember the week (if you lived in Pittsburgh back then, you'd remember it was a week, not a day). I can't help liking the jersey.

Anonymous said...

There was a Clemente Penguins Jersey sighting on the Emptynetters blog on the post gazette.
-Greg from FredMD